Ratproofing Your House

Picking A Martin's Cage - A Size Comparison Chart

The Importance of Proper Quarentine

Should I Breed My Rats? by Blue Velvet Rattery

Breeding Your Rats by Raisin Rats Rattery

How to Sex Rats by Lucie Mann

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Rat Forums and Groups
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Rat Fan Club
Minions of Riff - UK
Fancy Rats - UK
Ratz R Us - UK
TammeRatten - NL
YouTube Rat Group and Videos
Rat Health and Guides
Rat Guide
Rat Behaviour

Rat and Other Art
Socar Myles
Grove Pashley
Sarah Davis

Fun Sites
Naughty Little Riff
Rats In A Box
Cute Overload

Rat Gifts and Other Shopping Fun
Martins Cages
NIRO's Cafe Press Store

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